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The War of Words: Eikon Basilike and the Martyrdom of Charles I

The glory attending my death will far surpass all I could enjoy or conceive in life – King Charles I

Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland

The Role of Religion in the Politics of the Northern Rebellion of 1569

On 14 November, 1569, Thomas Percy, seventh Earl of Northumberland, and Charles Neville, sixth earl of Westmoreland, called on all Catholics to take up arms in defence of their true faith as they occupied the Northern city of Durham.

Philip of Habsburg and Mary Tudor

The marriage of Philip of Habsburg and Mary Tudor and anti-Spanish sentiment in England : political economies and culture, 1553-1557

This thesis examines the early part of Mary I’s reign, focusing on her marriage to Philip of Habsburg and the marginalisation of their co-monarchy in Tudor historiography.

woman womb

Female barrenness, bodily access and aromatic treatments in seventeenth-century England

Across the seventeenth century medical self-help manuals noted that aromatic substances were a suitable remedy for female barrenness.

tudor marriage

Never the Twain Shall Part: A Comparison and Analysis of Irish and English Marriage Laws Following the English Conquest of Ireland

The expansion of English rule into Ireland during the reign of the Tudors has generated a tremendous amount of historical writing. Within this subject, several schools of thought have emerged. One has examined the English invasion in light of the Tudors themselves.

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News about Early Modern England

Katherine Willoughby, drawing by Hans Holbein the Younger

Seven year itch: evidence suggests Henry VIII may have been close to taking a seventh wife before his death

The Tudor monarch King Henry VIII is perhaps best known for his penchant for marriage, famously taking six wives during his lifetime – and now a recently published book suggests that Henry was about to take a seventh before getting cold feet and calling the whole thing off.


A Jesuit Shakespeare?

Shakespeare’s religious beliefs are the subject of an ongoing scholarly debate.

christmas crackers - photo by Liz Jones / Flickr

Forget the jokes – Christmas crackers were once sugary sweet dispensers

Pull on a Christmas cracker this year and you’ll likely receive a set of mini screwdrivers, a paper-thin party hat and a cheesy joke suggesting that the Father Christmas of the cat world is in fact named ‘Santa Paws’. According to a University of Leicester Professor, if we were to step back in time Christmas […]

Henry VIII jousting while Catherine of Aragon watches

How to be a successful jouster in the 16th century

If you came up against Henry VIII at a jousting tournament, it might just have been advisable to let the king win.

Mass Grave from Durham remains a mystery

The University of Durham will carry out further tests on 28 individuals discovered in a mass grave, after an initial analysis failed to uncover their origins and identity.

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