A Cornish Farmer in Ontario I83O-7I

A Cornish Farmer in Ontario I83O-7I

Rowe, John

Agricultural History Review, Volume 1 (1953)


The following letter by Charles Julyan, who had lived at Penpoll near Truro, written from Edgewater Farm, Sarawak, Grey County, Ontario, dated 7 May 1872, was printed in the West Briton (Truro) on 27 June 1872.

“If any farmers from Cornwall contemplate emigration, I hope nothing will induce them to go to the Western States (Kansas, Colorado, Nevada, and Nebraska), or they will certainly be sorry for it, and perhaps not have sufficient means to come to Canada afterwards. The best place is undoubtedly our North-West territory, to which a road has been opened through Canadian territory, though at present the best way of reaching that country is by railway from Toronto to Collingwood, and by steamer from thence to Duluth, then by rail to Red River, thence by team to Fort Garry. If they have then sufficient means, they may purchase a cleared farm and buildings from one of the French half-breeds, or buy a 160 acre lot, at one dollar per acre, from government.

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