Easingwold Marriage Horizons

Easingwold Marriage Horizons

Maltby, Bessie

Local Population Studies Number 2 (Spring 1969)


The problem of how mobile people were in the past is of interest in many contexts, yet it remains a difficult one to solve, largely because there is so little direct evidence. One indirect approach is to study the distance over which people found their marriage partners, or as it is quaintly known in technical language: the marriage horizon. The marriage registers are used to discover the residence of the marriage partners, though of course it is chiefly the husbands from other parishes who can be traced from one register, as it appears to have been the custom for the wedding to take place in the bride’s parish. This kind of analysis can emerge as a useful by-product of family reconstitution, as with the present study of the Easingwold register.

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