The Education of Princess Mary Tudor

The Education of Princess Mary TudorMary I (by Master John)

Pierret Perkins, Katherine Lee

M.A. Thesis, History, Louisiana State University, December(2007)


Mary Tudor, the first officially crowned queen regnant of England, received a humanist education. A curriculum was recommended for her in multiple writings by Spanish humanist Juan Luis Vives. This thesis attempts to synthesize Mary I of England (by Eworth)and examine information about the nature of this plan for a princess’s education and the extent to which it was implemented.

Mary Tudor, daughter of King Henry VIII and his first wife, Katherine of Aragon, would in the course of her life go from court darling, Princess of Wales, and heiress presumptive pro tempore to “The Lady Mary,” the king’s illegitimate daughter. When Henry broke the English church away from the Roman Catholic Church in order to annul his marriage with Katherine and try for a legitimate male heir with a new wife, Mary firmly sided with her mother in the matter of the marriage’s legality, and the increasing embarrassment her resistance caused Henry led him to humiliate and neglect her.

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