A Mechanized Society in Charles Dickens’s Hard Times

A Mechanized Society in Charles Dickens’s Hard Times

Meddouri, Nadir

Masters Degree in British and American Studies, Mentouri University of Constantine, June (2010)


This work deals mainly with the mechanization and dehumanization of the English society during the industrial revolution through Charles Dickens’s Hard Times. It comes to show this and to emphasize how the ignorance of the morals and emotions leads to inhumane relations between people; employers and employees, teachers and students, and turns men to heartless ones, interested in concretes and materials, leaving aside a great deal of their lives, the human values and principles. This work, also, provides us with the after aftermaths of the industrial revolution, especially on British society, and with an account about the early, middle and late Victorian thoughts and interests.

This work is a critical description of a mechanized society from Charles Dickens‟s Hard Times. This work comes to emphasize and intensify the importance of the emotional and fictional side of the lives of English people, in general, and Dickens‟s characters, especially. Interpreters tended to interpret the novel into industrialism and its bad effects in life. As it is clear in the novel‟s text, they refer to heart versus head, fancy versus fact and showed the intention of attack of those conditions of life in England‟s industrial cities.




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