Ruins of 18th century castle bought for £56,000

An English castle built in 1769 was sold at auction last month for £56,000, with the new owner hoping to restored the ruin building. Dinton Castle, in Buckinghamshire County, did not reach its expected price of £75,000, as only two people made bids for the estate.

The octagonal two-story building includes two towers, but it is now a ruin with no roof. Listed as a Grade II building by English Heritage, it was placed at risk in 2009 but was stabilized with scaffolding.

Dinton Castle was built in 1769 by Sir John Vanhatten so he could have an ‘eye catcher’ place to showcase his collection of fossils. In the nineteenth-century Dinton Castle had been possibly used as the servants’ accommodation and at some point may have served as a temporary meeting place for a local non-conformist congregation.

The new owner, Brett O’Connor, expects spend another £200,000 to restore the building and make it a weekend home for his family. In an interview with The Bucks Herald, Brett O’Connor explains “the price it went for was was reasonable. It’s an exciting project.”

Michael Donnachie, the estate agent in charge of selling the property, said,“There are lots of possibilities with the build. Who knows, it could become one of Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs. Whatever they do, it has got to better than it is now. But they will have to work with the council if they decide they want to do something with it.”

“I’ve always wanted to have a castle,” says Mr. O’Connor. “Its something that I will keep in the family and pass down to the children.”

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Source: The Bucks Herald

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