Living in Victorian London: The Clay Pipe Evidence

Living in Victorian London: The Clay Pipe Evidence

Jacqui Pearce  (Museum of London Specialist Services)

Department of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London (2007)


The clay tobacco pipes were recorded in accordance with current MoLAS practice and entered onto the Oracle database. The English pipe bowls have been classified and dated according to the Chronology of London Bowl Types (Atkinson and Oswald 1969), with the dating of some of the early 19th-century pipes refined where appropriate by reference to published material of this date from the Tower of London moat (Higgins 2004). Pipes that correspond to Atkinson and Oswald’s typology have been given the appropriate number with the prefix AO. A new code (AO27A) was created for pipes that are intermediate between AO27 and AO28, and given the date range c 1800–40. Quantification and recording follow guidelines set out by Higgins and Davey (1994; Davey 1997). The number of pipe bowls, stem fragments and mouthpieces recorded for each of the three sites in the project is given in Table 1.

The clay pipes have been analysed by site, separating individual groups within the largest assemblage, from LHC93, although the overall quantification for all three sites together is given in Table 2. The assemblages from each site are considered separately below, with an outline description followed by interpretative discussion as proposed in the project design.

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