One of the goals of this website is to provide access to academic articles about the history of England from the Tudor to Victorian periods. We have noticed how difficult it is to find articles, as many are scattered in various online journals, databases and university websites. This section will list articles that freely available online – we provide some basic information, abstracts and introductions, and links to these articles. They cover a wide variety of topics and periods, and we will be adding to these consistently – there are thousands of such articles that are on the web, and we hope to list as many of them as possible.

We currently have just over 200 articles posted to If you know of any articles that should be added, please let us know.

Here are some of the articles:

The Old Bailey proceedings and the representation of crime and criminal justice in eighteenth-century London

The politics of London air : John Evelyn’s ‘Fumifugium’ and the Restoration

Gladstone and Laura Thistlethwayte, 1865–75

New light on the ‘Drummer of Tedworth’: conflicting narratives of witchcraft in Restoration England

The art of gunnery in Renaissance England

Religious Reform and Religious Orders in England, 1490-1540: The Case of the Crutched Friars

Controlling corruption: regulating meat consumption as a preventative to plague in seventeenth-century London

Shakespeare’s Henry V & the Geneva Bible

Restoring the Royal Household: Royalist Politics and the Commonwealth Recipe Book

Appetite and Ambition: The Influence of Hunger in Macbeth

The Rhetoric of Mortality: Elizabeth I’s Use of Death

Authorized Discourse at the Kenilworth Entertainments

Valediction Forbidding Laughing: The Outburst of Rage and Despair in Jonathan Swift’s “Epistle to a Lady” and “On Poetry: A Rapsody”

Reflections on “Imitatio” as an Educational Ideal of English Humanism

Gender and Translation in Early Modern England

Population and agrarian change in an eighteenth century Shropshire village

Regional Farming in England

The Poll Tax and Census of Sheep, 1549

Crop Nutrition in Tudor and Early Stuart England

Social Mobility in Nineteenth-Century Devon

“Now Inhale the Gas”: Interactive Readership in Two Victorian Boys’ Periodicals, 1855–1870

Polite consumption: shopping in eighteenth century England

Sanctuary and the Legal Topography of Pre-Reformation London

Rural and urban poaching in Victorian England

Civic Institutions and Precarious Masculinity in Dekker’s The Honest Whore

When Women Ruled the World: The Glorious Sixteenth Century

Sketches from the Life of Ragusan Merchants in London in the Time of Henry VIII

Lives of Devotion: The Correspondence of Isaac Basire and Frances Corbett, 1635-1660

Trading options before Black-Scholes: a study of the market in late seventeenth-century London

Looking with ears, hearing with eyes: Shakespeare and the ear of the early modern

How to Read an Early Modern Map: Between the Particular and the General, the Material and the Abstract, Words and Mathematics