5 Creepy Victorian Fads

Victorian Séance

Victorians became enamoured with the occult, mediums, magic, séances and ghosts to name but a few. Here are 5 creepy things that were popular during the Victorian period.

Did Shakespeare Invent This Word Or Not?

shakespeare words

What some people may not know is that Shakespeare invented a great many common words too. Are we familiar with some of these words? L

Practical Tips from Early Modern England

ask the past archibald

Want to know how to Kiss? Or how to get slim in just 14 days? Take a look at these ten tips from Early Modern England, part of the new book Ask the Past

How Well Dost Ye Know Shakespeare’s English?

How Well Dost Ye Know Shakespeares English

Doth thee knoweth Shakespearean English?

Good Housekeeping: The Georgian Edition

A Woman Doing Laundry - Henry Robert Morland

A look at how Georgians kept house: The Housekeeping Book of Susanna Whatman 1776 – 1800.

Spot the Shakespeare: Hamlet quotes

Horatio Hamlet and the Ghost

It’s the most famous play ever staged, but how well do you know William Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Can you spot the Hamlet quote amongst the other literary greats? Will you get a perfect score? Is it to be, or not to be?

The Ultimate History Of England Quiz

Ultimate History Of England Quiz

26 questions covering more than two thousand years of English history!

Who Is Your Historically Significant Other?

Lord Byron

Nine questions to discover your sweet historical love!

Which Tudor Are You?

Which Tudor Are You

If you were living and breathing in the 1500’s, who would you be?

Which Classic Literary Heroine Are You?

Which Classic Literary Heroine Are You

Great works of literature can touch us to our very core beings, especially the heroine’s at the root of the novel. Take this quiz to see which classic literary heroine you are!

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