5 Creepy Victorian Fads

Victorians became enamoured with the occult, mediums, magic, séances and ghosts to name but a few. Here are 5 creepy things that were popular during the Victorian period.

Never the Twain Shall Part: A Comparison and Analysis of Irish and English Marriage Laws Following the English Conquest of Ireland

The expansion of English rule into Ireland during the reign of the Tudors has generated a tremendous amount of historical writing. Within this subject, several schools of thought have emerged. One has examined the English invasion in light of the Tudors themselves.

The Malleus Maleficarum and King James: Defining Witchcraft

The reprinting of the Malleus at this time has often led to the belief that the medieval text played a large role in this rise in witch hunts. However, a comparison of the Malleus to later works shows a shift in the definitions of witchcraft during the early modern era.

CONFERENCES: Bookend Brides – Tudor Queens First and Last

What did it mean to be a queen consort in the 1540s? What did it mean to be a Queen consort at the end of the Middle Ages? Four authors: Linda Porter, Vanora Bennett, Elizabeth Fremantle and Joanna Hickson, examine the lives of Catherine of Valois and Catherine Parr.

Performing at the Block: Scripting Early Modern Executions

This thesis explores the executions of noble men and women in Tudor and early Jacobean England and the theatrical representations of executions that mirrored real life spectacles of deadly punishment.

Mistresses and marriage: or, a short history of the Mrs

The word ‘mistress’ has a multi-layered history. Today, it generally refers either to a woman an illicit sexual relationship, or, more rarely, to someone who is in perfect control of her art. Both the sexual connotation and the inference of complete competencei date back to at least the later middle ages.

Victorian and Edwardian Sporting Values

It was understood that a boy’s mind might be overtaken, if care were not taken, by one or both of the twin temptations that the cloistered life of the public school could give rise to – masturbation and homosexuality, the two great unmentionables of the Victorian age.

Women, ale and company in early modern London

Women, ale and company in early modern London Tim Reinke-Williams Journal of the Brewery History Society, No.135 (2010) Abstract This article explores attitudes to female ale- and beer-drinkers and the nature of social interactions between women and men in public houses from the late sixteenth to the early eighteenth century. Beginning with an overview of […]

Representations of Elizabeth I

This thesis looks at three themes in representations of the Queen in Elizabethan literature. They are: the problem of representing a female ruler; the relation between the cult of Elizabeth and the cult of the Virgin Mary; and representations of Elizabeth as Cynthia, the moon-goddess. These topics are seen as focal points for problematic issues in panegyric.

Marriage and the position of women, as presented by some of the early Victorian novelists

The subject of this thesis is the unusual nature, in the presentation of courtship and marriage, of Trollope’s depiction of women as compared with that of other novelists of the first part of the Victorian age.

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