Which Jane Eyre Character Are You?

Find out which character from Jane Eyre best matches your personality!

Criminals or Celebrities?: Life and Death in a Georgian Prison

What was it like to be a prisoner in Georgian London? At a recent London Historians gathering, I had the opportunity to listen to several papers about English prison life, old and new in, “Crime and Punishment – The Capital in the Clink”.

What type of nineteenth-century novel should YOU be a heroine in?

Do you love reading 19th-century novels? Or do you wish your life resembled a TV costume drama? This is your chance to discover what kind of novel you would really be a heroine in!

Which Famous 19th Century Writer Would You Have Been?

Ever dreamed of being a writer? Find out which famous 19th century author you have the most in common with!<

Places to See: Dickens Walking Tour (Borough)

This is my review of the Dickens Walking Tour (Borough).

BOOK REVIEW: The Devil in the Marshalsea by Antonia Hodgson

My review of the fantastic new thriller by Antonia Hodgson: The Devil in the Marshalsea.

Which Pride and Prejudice Character are you?

Eleven questions about love and life (and about giving spare change) that will reveal if you are a Elizabeth Bennet or a Fitzwilliam Darcy!

Which Victorian Gothic Novel Character Are You?

Throughout literature Characters from books have inspired many readers then and today. Here’s your chance to find out who you are?

Which Gothic Literary Character Are You?

What are the hidden desires of your Heart? What secrets do you lock away from the exposure of the light? Which Gothic legend are you?

Things to See in London: Georgians Revealed – Life, Style and the Making of Modern Britain

The Georgians Revealed exhibit currently running at the British Library until March.

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