REVIEW: Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude

A review of the National Maritime Museum’s fascinating exhibit, Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude.

Face of 16th-century English archer revealed

Researchers at Swansea University, working with a Swedish expert, have revealed how they reconstructed the face of one of Henry VIII’s elite archers, who drowned aboard the warship Mary Rose in 1545.

The politics of piracy : pirates, privateers, and the government of Elizabeth I, 1558-1588

This thesis addresses the distinctions between ‘pirates’ and ‘privateers’ and the reasons for and usefulness of these distinctions.

More Than Just Kidd’s Play

Tom Wareham examines the role played by a legendary yet ill-fated pirate in the consolidation of England’s early trading empire.

The "Gresham Ship": an interim report on a 16th-century wreck from Princes Channel, Thames Estuary

The ‘Gresham Ship’, which takes its name froma gun thought to be from the Mayfield furnace of Sir Thomas Gresham ( c. 1519–79), first came to the attention of archaeologists in July 2003.

The Mary Rose archers were among the elite soldiers of the 16th century, research reveals

These findings come from a new research project being carried out by sports scientists at Swansea University and the Mary Rose Trust to discover more about the lives of the 16th century archers on board the ship.

‘England expects’: Nelson as a symbol of local and national identity within the museum

When Admiral Lord Nelson died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 his lifetime achievements and his agonizing death elevated him to the status of a national hero.

Captain John Deane: Mercenary, Diplomat, and Spy

In 1710 the trading vessel Nottingham Galley set out from London bound for Boston on a perilous late season voyage.

Secret Weapons of the Napoleonic Wars

Toward the end of the Napoleonic War a British naval architect designed a fighting ship with a rounded instead of a square stern.

Fighting Back British Privateers and the Loss of the Leocadia, Santa Elena, 1800

At the end of the eighteen century and during the first decades of the nineteen century, Europe was involved in continuing conflicts among the nations fighting for consolidating their own hegemony in the Western World.

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