Medical History

Victorian and Edwardian Sporting Values

It was understood that a boy’s mind might be overtaken, if care were not taken, by one or both of the twin temptations that the cloistered life of the public school could give rise to – masturbation and homosexuality, the two great unmentionables of the Victorian age.

The Medical Marketplace

Most earlier accounts of early modern medical practice had either focused on the notional three-part occupational hierarchy of physicians who advised, surgeons who operated and apothecaries who prepared drugs, or else were simply dominated by a concern with learned, ‘professional’ practitioners.

No Picture

Hysteria and Femininity: A Tentative Investigation into a Victorian and Edwardian Myth

Based on the medical narratives of various hysterical women shown in fictional and operatic texts, it meticulously discusses Anglo-American feminist scholars and their French counterparts’ different responses to and interpretative strategies for the same texts, calling for the integration of these two perspectives——a meaningful fusion of humanity and philosophy, essentialisation and romanticisation in ultimately deconstructing the patriarchal myth.