The rise of agrarian capitalism and the decline of family farming in England

The rise of agrarian capitalism and the inter-related topics of the growth of large farms and the decline of the English peasantry have been the subject of very extensive investigations by historians of rural society since the early years of the twentieth century.

Westall’s peasants : British identity and the crisis of nation in 1799

This thesis examines a set of stipple engravings representing groups of peasants and the rural countryside in four regions of the British Isles.

Utopia Pre-Empted: Kett’s Rebellion, Commoning, and the Hysterical Sublime

Kett’s Rebellion, the best known rising, occurred in Norwich, the second city of the nation, and on nearby Mousehold Heath, as thousands of campmen – peasants, tradesmen, and artisans fired by Reformation theology.

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