The Origins of the English Reformation Reconsidered

How different might the first years of the English Reformation look if we try to view them forwards rather than backwards, remembering that the first generation of converts to reform were not early ‘Protestants,’ but late medieval Catholic Christians?

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The Kildare Rebellion and the Early Henrician Reformation

The Kildare Rebellion and the Early Henrician Reformation Steven G. EllisĀ (The Queen’s University, Belfast) The Historical Journal, 19, 4 (1976), pp. 807-830 Abstract In the 1530s, Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell carried out fundamental changes in the Tudor state. These changes amounted to a revolution in which three elements may be distinguished: the erection of the common-wealth into a sovereign empire, the king’s divorce of Catherine of Aragon, and important alterations to the nature and structure of the English cJmich. Because of the fundamental nature of the issues involved and the threat to the established order, the revolution very soon provoked widespread discontent among all sections of society. Nevertheless, opposition was spasmodic and uncoordinated, with each group of conspirators relying on another to rise, and all looking to the emperor, Charles V, to rectify the evils which, it was thought, the king’s policies had brought about. Lack of effective leadership…

Representations of Elizabeth I

This thesis looks at three themes in representations of the Queen in Elizabethan literature. They are: the problem of representing a female ruler; the relation between the cult of Elizabeth and the cult of the Virgin Mary; and representations of Elizabeth as Cynthia, the moon-goddess. These topics are seen as focal points for problematic issues in panegyric.

Saints on Stage: An Analytical Survey of Dramatic Records in the West of England

This essay provides an analysis of the known surviving records relating to mimetic representation of non-biblical saints in a broad region of western England, from the north (Cumberland, Westmorland) to the southern tip of Cornwall. The question of how many of these references can be considered ‘scripted’ drama is addressed, and other categories (pageant, costumed guild ridings, and festive customs such as boy bishop ceremonies) proposed.