Performing at the Block: Scripting Early Modern Executions

This thesis explores the executions of noble men and women in Tudor and early Jacobean England and the theatrical representations of executions that mirrored real life spectacles of deadly punishment.

Mistresses and marriage: or, a short history of the Mrs

The word ‘mistress’ has a multi-layered history. Today, it generally refers either to a woman an illicit sexual relationship, or, more rarely, to someone who is in perfect control of her art. Both the sexual connotation and the inference of complete competencei date back to at least the later middle ages.

Victorian and Edwardian Sporting Values

It was understood that a boy’s mind might be overtaken, if care were not taken, by one or both of the twin temptations that the cloistered life of the public school could give rise to – masturbation and homosexuality, the two great unmentionables of the Victorian age.

“Tell me a story, dear, that is not true”: Love, Historicity, and Transience in A. Mary F. Robinson’s An Italian Garden

Through a poetic voice compelled to recognize that individual desire is often not reciprocated and that love entails great risk that is itself ennobling, Robinson explores the nature of love that is selfless in that one gives oneself to another, yet selfish in that one comes to need a totality of love not possible in a finite context. Paradoxically, then, love evokes both pleasure and pain.

My Secret Life and the Sexual Economy of Fin-de-Siècle England

Although in 1969 the memoirs were regarded as an obscene publication, they can be read as an important document of sexual history and will be treated as such in this paper. In doing so, it engages with but challenges earlier readings of My Secret Life.

Sexuality in Jude the Obscure and the Sexuality of the Victorian Era

Sexuality has an important role to play in one’s life. Sexual feelings should be given vent to. This paper draws a comparison between the sexuality of the Victorian era and the sexuality of Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure.

Emotional Intertexts: Female Romantic Friendship and the Anguish of Marriage

In the decades after the path-breaking work of Lillian Faderman and Caroll Smith- Rosenberg, critical energy was largely directed to questions of the compatibility of female romantic friendship with marriage and the contested erotic content of inter- female intimacy.

Emergent Identity Masculinity and the Representation of Rape on the Early Modern Stage, 1590-1620

This thesis is an investigation of the representation of the figure of the man who raped on the early modern stage.

Actresses As Working Women In the Victorian Theatre

Victorian performers were an unusual socioeconomic group. Unlike other professionals they were recruited from all classes of society. While some performers demonstrated that hard work and sheer talent could overcomeany class disadvantages, there were others who spent their entire careers in poverty…

The Power of Desire and the Danger of Pleasure: Victorian Sexuality Reconsidered

These revisionist accounts provide a much needed corrective in our view of Victorian sexuality. Unfortunately, corrective exercises all too often produce their own simplifications. These revisionist accounts have, I believe, replaced the popular stereotype of the repressed Victorian with an overly sanguine, modem image.

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