Did Shakespeare Invent This Word Or Not?

shakespeare words

What some people may not know is that Shakespeare invented a great many common words too. Are we familiar with some of these words? L

How Well Dost Ye Know Shakespeare’s English?

How Well Dost Ye Know Shakespeares English

Doth thee knoweth Shakespearean English?

Spot the Shakespeare: Hamlet quotes

Horatio Hamlet and the Ghost

It’s the most famous play ever staged, but how well do you know William Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Can you spot the Hamlet quote amongst the other literary greats? Will you get a perfect score? Is it to be, or not to be?

A Jesuit Shakespeare?


Shakespeare’s religious beliefs are the subject of an ongoing scholarly debate.

Which Shakespearean Tragic Hero Are You?

George Cattermole Macbeth

Have you have ever wondered what noble Shakespearean character with faults that completely destroy them you would be? Well, wonder no more! There is a quiz for that!

Which Shakespeare Play Was Written About Your Life?

Which of the Bard’s work describes your life in wondrous iambic pentameter?

How Well Do You Really Know Your Shakespeare Quotes?

Statue of Shakespeare (1874) in Leicester Square, London, by Giovanni Fontana

Can you match the quote to the play?

What Shakespeare Character Are You?

Théodore Chassériau (1819–1856), The Ghost of Banquo, 1855

What hilarious version of a Shakespeare character are you? A teenage Romeo, a linebacker King, a rapping Othello, or a ghost sock? Confused yet? You’ll just have to take the quiz to find out!

Which Romeo and Juliet Character Are You?

Henri Pierre Picou (1824-1895), "Romeo and Juliet"

Are you a fiery Tybalt? A simpering Romeo? A stunning Juliet?

How Would You Die in a Shakespeare Play?

How Would You Die in a Shakespeare Play

Your time has come to shuffle off this mortal coil – how will you die?

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