6 Must-See Versions of ‘A Christmas Carol’

For many people, like myself, it remains a cherished tradition to watch the A Christmas Carol every year on TV. Here are my picks for 6 Must-See Versions of ‘A Christmas Carol’

5 Creepy Victorian Fads

Victorians became enamoured with the occult, mediums, magic, séances and ghosts to name but a few. Here are 5 creepy things that were popular during the Victorian period.

5 Frightening Reads for Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner so here are some ghoulish books to get your into the spooky spirit!

DNA evidence reveals identity of Jack the Ripper

In a stunning scientific breakthrough, the identity of the infamous London murderer Jack the Ripper has been revealed: Aaron Kosminski was Jack the Ripper.

What is your 19th Century special skills?

The 19th century was an age of development, an age of unique set of skills in which a lot of people (fantasy and real people) might have one or more knowledge that is (today) considered as unique. Find out what set of unique skills you might have in the 19th century!

Places to See: Dickens Walking Tour (Borough)

This is my review of the Dickens Walking Tour (Borough).

Which Victorian Gothic Novel Character Are You?

Throughout literature Characters from books have inspired many readers then and today. Here’s your chance to find out who you are?

Would you Survive the Victorian Era?

Do you have what it takes to live as the Victorians did?

Sutton House: A Tudor brick home through the centuries

My visit to Sutton House, a Tudor brick home in East London, in Hackney.

Apsley House – Home of the Duke of Wellington

My first solo stop – The Duke of Wellington’s house in London, England. A national treaure.

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